healing on the river
healing on the river
"Healing on the River" Advanced II CranioSacral Therapy as taught by the Upledger Institute (A light-touch intuitive healing art)
"Healing on the River"   Advanced II CranioSacral Therapy as taught by the Upledger Institute  (A light-touch intuitive healing art)

"Healing on the River"

Advanced II CranioSacral Therapy

 (A light touch intuitive healing art as taught by the Upledger Institute)


     I've been in private practice since 1986.  I truly enjoy facilitating healing for clients who range in age from babies to the elderly with the difficult conditions that challenge them.  Please enjoy the links in the website to learn more about Cranio Sacral Therapy, location, and the possibilities that it can offer you.


      Advanced Craniosacral Therapy offers healing that encompasses all the parts of us, mind, body, emotions and spirit. Restrictions and pain are easily released with a gentle non-intrusive soft touch approach and allows the body’s own inherent wisdom to return the body to natural healthy functioning. With non-intrusive physical, energetic or verbal support, the client is empowered to find the root of a problem in order to experience a positive result. The typical result of a session is feeling extremely relaxed with an increased sense of balance, well being and the absence or improvement of the painful condition that they had been suffering. 










Maureen Morgan

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