healing on the river
healing on the river
"Healing on the River" Advanced II CranioSacral Therapy
"Healing on the River"   Advanced II CranioSacral Therapy    


   Sometimes seemingly profound results occur from a single session, but usually, change and eventual resolve is a process.  For chronic problems, I recommend that you consider having a series of 4 to 6 sessions, a week or two apart.  As a result of an initial session, the body will have opened from the head to the feet. The blocked areas will have some flow going through them and they are not "stuck".  Although all of the restriction may not be gone, these areas are open to releasing and will continue to do so for a few days and even a week or so.  Changes in the experience of symptoms are beginning to occur.  If they become seemingly present again, it is because the cause to resolve them lies at a deeper or "more subtle" level of correction.  No two sessions are alike.  Each aspect of work involving these areas is unique in itself.  Each is an important piece to accomplish, to bring about an integration of resolution.  As a result of several sessions, increased sensitivity and awareness naturally occurs and the body's own inherent self-corrective ability improves.


 A normal healing process can include changes that may seem unusual.  Such as soreness in areas that goes away in a couple of days.  These are muscles that have been previously held tight, and are now relaxing.  Unusual fatigue: allow yourself the rest you need.  Recovery from illness or injury can include stages of discomfort but the process of change is temporary and it will have been worth the time that it takes to move through the experience.  New sensations such as tingling, surges of heat or cold or numbness can all be a part of change and recovery.


   Immediate results are as diverse as the patients themselves.  You may experience an increase in energy, or you may go away feeling extremely relaxed with a desire to rest.  Reduction of pain and an increase in function may occur immediately during the session, or may continue to develop gradually over the next few days.








Healing on the River

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