healing on the river
healing on the river
"Healing on the River" Advanced II CranioSacral Therapy
"Healing on the River"   Advanced II CranioSacral Therapy    


To awaken and  support the inner wisdom and self-corrective healing abilities of individuals.  to assist and facilitate individuals in their healing process and increase their sense of well being.

Credentials / CranioSacral Therapy

  • I Completed Advanced II Training in CranioSacral Therapy from the Upledger institute in 1991.
  • I completed a 2 week Preceptorship at the "Upledger Brain and Spinal Cord Dysfunction Center" in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1994.
  • I attended a 5 Day Course in Advanced Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy as taught by the Karuna Institute, England in 2006.
  • I instructed "Sharecare workshops" for the lay person locally for the Upledger Institute.
  • I'm currently an Upledger Instructors' Assistant when they come to the twin cities to teach.
  • I teacher assisted an Upledger Advanced I Class for 10 therapists, Nov. 2010.
  • I completed an Upledger 3 Day workshop in Advanced Therapeutic Skills for working with Trauma, Abuse and Neglect October 2013.
  • I completed a 4 Day course called: CST for Longevity:Reversal of the Aging Process. A study of the Immune System and Inflammation.  August 2016.

Credentials / Other

  • Level IV Training in "Spring Forest Qigong Healing" from Master Chun-Yi Lin in 1997.
  • Assisted the formation of the "Spring Forest Qigong Student  Association" 1997.
  • Formed and mentored a "Qigong Healing Club" for students of Martial Arts for 3 years
  • Completed "Advanced Esoteric Healing" a 2 year course from the Esoteric International Health Research Network.
  • Taught many creative Healing Classes for clients, therapists, community education, and other groups.
  • Certified Massage Therapist / Minneapolis School of Massage.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse / University of Minnesota.
  • Emergency Medical Technician / Dakota County Ambulance Attendant for 5 years.

Healing on the River

Maureen Morgan


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