healing on the river
healing on the river
"Healing on the River" Advanced II CranioSacral Therapy
"Healing on the River"   Advanced II CranioSacral Therapy    


   I  hope you'll enjoy reading some of the stories I can share drawn from 3 decades of experiences.

 Nothing speaks louder than experience...What IS Cranio Sacral Therapy!??? Simply put, it's a fancy and most likely unfamiliar word for... our “Ability to Heal”... And we all have it within us. So, with that said, I'd like to share with you some experiences I've had with individuals who've come to see me for help with this non-intrusive healing art. I've learned through these experiences as well as my own...that we do not have to live with pain that doesn't change.

Here are some healings I've witnessed:

A gentleman who suffered frequent and severe migraines had a session. He had one more migraine during the week and after the second session, I didn't see him again for a year. When he came back for help with a tension headache, he stated his migraines had completely stopped after the second session a year ago. No more pain meds!

A one month old baby girl with a misshapen head and a diagnosis called Torticollis. (It's a very tight fixed neck muscle that pulls the head to one side and prevents movement.) The Doctors told the mother that they could possibly correct it with surgery. During the session, the neck muscle relaxed and the tightly knotted muscle lengthened naturally. Thus.... No surgery was needed!

A friend called late at night. She was ready to call an ambulance. Her husband was on the floor with severe back pain. He couldn't get up or move. After an hour session on the living room floor with him, he was able to get up and limp to his bed. Another 45 minutes of session and he was sleeping soundl.

A phone call in the morning reported that he hopped out of bed in the morning not only free of pain but he stated “feeling better than he had in years!”

An elderly lady with arthritis, had difficulty knitting, climbing stairs, and simply turning her head. After a few sessions, everything was easier with comfortable and increased range of motion of her head, neck, hands and legs. She still had arthritis but was happy to be able to move and do...More!

A chronic painful neck and headaches...Who'd have guessed that it went back to a birth experience when the umbilical cord had been wrapped around her neck during birth. As the pain released, the mind and body returned to where the memory was held in the body of the traumatic experience suffered so long ago. A final healing experience had just occurred for this 30 year old gal.

Childhood abuse...When years of psychotherapy has taken a person a long way and the body continues to suffer pain and bewildering physical symptoms of discomfort, an opportunity now exists for the body to heal the memories stored in the body and a final completion of healing from the past can occur.

I was asked to assist a man in a coma. I brought a second therapist with me to the nursing home. She was at his head and I went to his feet. Gradually we witnessed the color returning to his cheeks and skin and within the hour he first began to move his feet, and then with his left hand, squeezed his Mother's hand. He squeezed his Wife's hand with his right hand and then...he opened his eyes. 
Lotsa' happy tears!

A young lady was in a car accident and after 2 years, lots of doctors, physical therapy and even a pain center was still suffering pain. Finally an inability to perform her work duties left her depleted and feeling helpless and depressed, when she came for a session. Each session gave her back hope and lifted her spirits as the constantly painful areas began to feel better and eventually even not hurt any more. She got her life back on track with 4 sessions!

 "It's more spiritual than anything. This therapy has helped me to understand that my mind is not separate from my body. It is deeply moving and spiritually profound."


Molly Grady Tatje MA, LMT, CST


"I suffered frequent and debilitating migraine headaches for years. After 3 sessions the migraines were gone for a year. Then the one I experienced was mild and another session took care of that.  It was natural healing and it worked."


George Billings


"My one month old was born with torticollis which is a tight neck muscle that pulled her head to one side. The tight muscle let go in one session with Maureen and she appeared so relaxed and was able to move her head from side to side."


Karen Casey


"I was injured in a car accident and 2 years later still experiencing pain every day. Medical treatments hadn't helped me.  I was feeling depressed, hopeless and unable to continue my waitress job.  After each of the 5 sessions, the pain was less.  Now I'm able to be back to work, happy and thankful that there is a therapy that really helps."


Mary Mercer


"I felt so completely relaxed and calm after the session and my neck and shoulder pain was gone. Even my jaw felt loose. I could move freely again!"


Kathy Meyers



Healing on the River

Maureen Morgan


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