healing on the river
healing on the river
"Healing on the River" Advanced II CranioSacral Therapy
"Healing on the River"   Advanced II CranioSacral Therapy    



 CranioSacral Therapy offers an effective soft-touch approach to help the body self-correct and heal. Seldom is more pressure exerted by the practitioner than the weight of a nickel. The therapy is based on the recognition of a physiological system referred to as the CranioSacral system. By evaluating it's rhythm and motion, where restrictions or absence of movement are apparent in the physiology, the skilled practitioner reestablishes motion with gentle, subtle techniques. Symptoms suffered are encouraged to resolve and disturbed body function are assisted to reestablish normal function. These restrictions are easily released, allowing the body's own inherent wisdom to reestablish natural healthy functioning.

The stresses of old traumas are often stored in the body as "tissue memories" long forgotten by the conscious mind, yet causing interference in normal functioning. Through the technique of Somato-Emotional Release, the practitioner can locate the part of the body that is holding the results of emotional or physical trauma. With physical, energetic and verbal support, the client is empowered to identify the root of the problem and find a positive solution. 








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Healing on the River

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